The killer detective

The killer detective


SnowDream Action

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It is year 251 of the new era. Althea is a detective in a system, which determines your future - your job, your career, and everything during the initial stages of your development. Everyone owns a weapon according to their determined social standing and can shoot anyone to get more money - points. The detectives do not solve crimes, they make sure that the system doesn't have any people breaking the rules. They shoot people dead.


Tags: adventurekillersystemstraighticyfemale leaddetectivesoldiersniperdystopian
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50 - The end

My finger was at the trigger, lightly tapping it while I was watching every single movement Meiko was making. I was trying to calm my breath, deeply inhaling and exhaling only after holding my breath for a while. I blinked several times to get the dust, which was still in the air, out of my eyes. It was irritating my throat as well but I coul……


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