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In this sequel to Close to the Marx, the now Colonel Marx Browne has awoken in an abandoned hospital in an unknown time with memories of how he got there sketchy and hazy to remember. Marx has to escape the hospital when soldiers wearing strange bug-themed armor are found to be pursuing him.

Managing to escape from the hospital Marx has found himself in the middle of a full scale invasion! The city and the planet is over-run by these insane looking bug creatures apparently lead by a being known as The Locust. Marx discovers a young girl named Sarah in the midst of the invasion and she sticks with him. Sarah reminds him of two people in his life that makes him wonder just how long did he forget his memories and exactly what was going on.

Marx's memory gets triggered when the Locust speaks to a man known as the Falcon, he suddenly recalls that the Falcon is the reason why he was in this war zone. With memories slowly coming back to him. Marx uncovers the plot that he had dug out in Close to the Marx, is a lot more serious than he had first figured. There are a lot more sinister forces tied to Project Rho and tied to the death of General Reynold Redd, forces known only as the Commandments, groups known only as the Anunaki, and then there is the matter of the Locust himself.

Marx discovers that the Locust is hell bent in bringing the 20th Avatar of Shiva into his universe, an avatar of Shiva that was predicted to throw all universes into a state of eternal darkness for 75 million years. He had no idea how On the Marx he is going to get at the end. Join Marx in the continuation of the Mar of the Berserker series!


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“Like?” I asked.

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