Revenge On The Rejected Alpha

Revenge On The Rejected Alpha


Kainaat Fantasy

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{Warning - R-18}
"No way. I can't have you as my mate," I screamed in disgust, "There's no way I'm going to accept this monster as my mate."
"You think you have a choice?" he asked, taking a few steps closer to me, making me tremble.
"Yes!" I replied, my throat was dry and growing drier with each step he took toward me.
"Here you're wrong, Mate. You have no choice. If I'm a monster, you're going to be a prisoner of my desires," he said, his hand reaching for my chin. As he stroked it, my body stiffened.
"Please!" I begged.
"Okay, let me give you a choice: either be my mate or die. Now choose whatever you like. I'm ready to accept it, my little omega," he said, his grip tightening on my chin, leaving my breath stuck in my dry throat.
Let's see what an Omega is going to choose after meeting her Alpha Mate.
Will she open the gates of her death or the cage that her Alpha set up for her?


Tags: darkHEage gapopposites attractABO
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I don't know what came over me; I said whatever I said, but I just felt an overwhelming need to have her all to myself. Perhaps my wolf was surfacing, craving the closeness of his mate. We were both turned on.

She smelled heavenly, driving me to the brink of frustration. I couldn't fu*ck her, a……


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