The Hybrid Princess

The Hybrid Princess


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"...I do not know, Dad, Mum," Molly replied, pressing her lips together, suddenly feeling her blood boil when she shouldn't, "you shouldn't be snooping around my things," Molly snapped almost immediately, lifting her gaze at them as she suddenly began to feel the craving for blood again, getting her parents, Mr and Mrs Margaret and Martin Jackson more terrified as they didn't imagine her to react to them like this.
"I told you, Martin, our daughter is possessed, this is not the daughter we raised," Mrs Margaret broke off, in a teary tone, slightly shaking her head, her gaze on Molly.
Molly furrowed her brows at her Mum immediately after she heard her say that she was possessed, and turned towards her door, feeling her body reacting the way it had done earlier that morning when she craved for blood.
"Molly, are you alright?" Her dad, Mr Martin asked immediately, taking a step towards Molly, seeing how she suddenly turned away from them, feeling that something was wrong with her… but Molly threw her school bag off her back immediately and swiftly too, sensing her Dad's approaching her and before he could reach her, she turned around immediately, stretching out her hand and grabbed her Dad, Mr Martin by the neck, glaring at him in a rather strange manner, the same way she had done with the goat she killed earlier...


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Chapter 155

A few minutes later Molly came back to her senses, her body returned back to her human form even though the blood was still spotted all over her body. She slowly lifted her head and sat on the floor, turning her gaze to glance around her companions.

"Molly, are you alright?" Judy asked immediately, trying to make sure that she is now in……


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