Second Chance War

Second Chance War

Hokobishu Paranormal Urban

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Thomas Conlin was just a sergeant in the US Army during World War o, until the day he died. No one can come back from the dead, this is an immutable law of our world, but what if he could?

"I'm alive...but how...?"
Thomas Conlin is brought back from the dead by an experiment gone wrong. Given a second chance at the war he fought so hard to win, He will need to start at the beginning where it all began, armed with new and impossible powers. His target? The complete surrender of the Axis powers and to save as many lives as possible. He will use his old knowledge to wage a new war and bring about peace in a world that's only known war.
I'm Hokobishu and welcome to my novel Second Chance War. I update weekly every Sunday starting this week, September 14, 2020. If you like war and want to try something new and something old, give my book a click and read a whole new world!

Please, enjoy!


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationtime-travelpowerfuldecisivekickingmale leadsoldierrebirth/rebornspecial abilitywar
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