Second Chance War

Second Chance War


Hokobishu Action

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There were always different beliefs about where you go when you die. Some believed in heaven, some in hell. Others thought you lived another life in another time. A few even believed this was the only life. And that was there truth.

I'm Sergeant Thomas Conlin, and I lived a very honorable life as a soldier in the United States Army during World War o. I'm here to tell you o things. Death is not the end, and this....? This is MY truth.
I'm Hokobishu and welcome to my novel Second Chance War. I update weekly every Sunday starting this week, November 23, 2020. If you like war and want to try something new and something old, give my book a click and read a whole new world!

Please, enjoy!


Tags: time-travelpowerfuldecisivebxgkickingmale leadsoldierrebirth/rebornspecial abilitywar
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