V1P3R - An ODSMMO Adventure

V1P3R - An ODSMMO Adventure


MVS_stories Science Fiction

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In the near future, a video game company creates the ultimate supermassive multiplayer online virtual reality game that contains every single universe from every single game, show, movie, etc. ever made, along with a plethora of originals as well. ODSMMO, Omni-Dimensional Supermassive Multiplayer Online, is every gamers dream game. V1P3R is a dying man that has loved video games for his entire life, and we follow him through his eyes as he adventures through reality and ODSMMO, with his life changing forever.


Tags: adventurebody exchange/body swapcomedygeniusgame playermultiverseLitRPGMMORPGexpirencedpassionate
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Chapter Won, but not Lost Part- 4

“I remember a very bright light then everything around me being loaded from code. I found an empty spot and watched everything come to life from there until the players started showing up then I went to greet them thinking that they were something new and fun but they started shooting at me. So I went back into hiding until I found another playe……


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