The Folder

The Folder


Anita S. Day YA&Teenfiction

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The world has ended but no one knows why.
What lies outside the walls of the city?

Victoria has heard tall tales her whole life. Tales of what life is like outside the city. She knows it ended in blood and fire. She also knows that the World Order of Humans are hiding something, but Victoria doesn’t care. Victoria just wants to survive.

At the age of ten all children are put through a series of tests that deems them potentially worthy of working for the W.O.H. If selected they are placed in headquarters to complete their schooling where every night they will go to sleep with a full belly, and no worry of what tomorrow will bring. At least, that’s what she thinks.

When Victoria is selected she feels excited; important even. Living life within the city streets is hard. Dangerous even. Especially with no family. And she refuses to go back.

But what happens when she is instructed to move to a different floor level away from the rest of the students to a new apartment? And why is there a naked boy in this apartment?

It doesn’t take long for Victoria to find her answers, but what is in the folder that she is handed? And why does the boy suddenly seem so afraid?

Follow along as she discovers the secrets of the outside world and what ended it all. Could she possibly be the cure to whatever is killing the humans, or could she be the gasoline that fuels the fire even further?


Tags: love-triangleHEopposites attractcursedramabxghighschoolanother worldseductivewild
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Chapter Five

Victoria and Julius

I open my mouth and then close it again, my speech failing me. He’s more beautiful than I remember. 

“It’s a long story, come on, it’s breakfast time.” Julius says, saving the day. He drapes his arm around his best friend and pulls him along. I have no choice but to follow.  

As we enter the cafeteria,……


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