Master Spirit Beast Trainer

Master Spirit Beast Trainer


Elk Entertainment Fantasy

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They would never believe that a mini rabbit could have such an astonishing speed! It was far beyond what they had learned in the Holy Saint School.
Brian soon discovered where Robin was. He looked extremely angry and provoked now.
Under the roar, the black vicious dog directly used a pair of huge claws to slap Robin from both sides at the same time.
However, Robin’s tiny pink legs kicked down hard.
He jumped into the sky in an instant, easily avoiding the attack of the black vicious dog’s claws.
Robin’s legs seemed to be small and tender, but they indeed contained an unimaginable terrifying strength. The kick on the head of the black vicious dog, instantly made his head suffer a heavy blow. His chin was knocked on the ground and pierced into the earth. The blood flowed constantly.


Tags: time-travelcounterattacktwistedkickingfaceslappingharemschoolweak to strong
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  Fortunately, Gary was not critically injured. It was only a flesh wound, and his viscera were all intact. But all of this was quite weird, making him somewhat frightened.

  All of a sudden, he was surprised to find that most of his Reiki Power……


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