Ninjutsu Online

Ninjutsu Online


Anone Lionheart Game

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This the Era of the virtual realms, hundreds of virtual worlds made accessible to the human race for their pleasure and enjoyment..... or for their punishment!

Christopher is a biracial young man living in the streets of new Tokyo with his pregnant wife and grandparents. after 11 years of separation from his parents who's bodies were destroyed and conciousness trapped in a virtual mining world for crimes against humanity.

a chance to finally be together with them once again has rose up; Ninjutsu Online! the ninja themed game his parents were sent into as Beta testers with a worldwide release slated for three months away.

now Christopher has a chance to save his parents by working hard and achieving as much as he could within this virtual world to buy his parents their freedom. a good plan, but it seems the people who took them away from him in the first place, will stop at nothing until they put an end to them for good!

now it's more than just fighting to save them....... now it's a war to stop their enemies from succeeding, and for that, he had mercy to give.


Tags: bravekickingmale leadmagical worldanother worldspecial abilityLitRPGMMORPGweak to stronglesbian
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The ninja clans of the Shōkan Toshi were all represented here, from the Kōjō clan, the Yume clan, the Seken-Sei clan, The Sora clan, the Yami clan, the Zinsoku clan, and finally the Kemono clan. It was my mistake not noticing the twelve year old wrapped in furs and laying on the side of a giant grizzly bear that was laying down, owe by was a pol……


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