Heroes of Veritas: Crafting Bonus (Book 1)

Heroes of Veritas: Crafting Bonus (Book 1)


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When Elise started playing MMOs she'd intended to use them as an escape from the grind of her everyday life. But, after spending years under the thumb of her guild's dominating leaders, she started thinking it was the game she really needed to escape from. She just didn't think she'd get away from both her real life, and her fantasy life, by going backwards through time and space. With her fantasy world now a reality, Elise uses her knowledge of crafting and game lore to help her make the most of her second chance at life in the world of Veritas.


Tags: BDSMsexkickass heroinebxghumorousmagical worldanother worldrebirth/rebornMMORPGweak to strong
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In the two weeks that passed since Elise unintentionally became the Hero of Veritasia City, having led the zombie dragon down the perfect path toward the city that would allow the Princess Genevieve to use the palace’s enormous holy laser beam of zombie slaying, the ranger had done everything she could to avoid people. This included all the memb……