The Youngest Sin

The Youngest Sin


Hyuuse Fantasy

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The story revolves around a boy named Rai Raze, a person who is really devoted to something he really loves that it almost seem like an addiction. After failing to win the affection of the person he devoted himself to, he traveled out of the kingdom with an acquaintance, Gaia Windfield and became adventurers. Time passed and he recieved a curse from an overwhelmingly strong person, a curse that will change his point of view forever.


Tags: powerfulcomedysword-and-sorceryapocalypseasexualancient
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The All-Seeing Eye of Karu

After being dragged to the garden, Rai sat on the bench in the center.

"Rai, I know that you'll start to teach them a better use of concentration so I think it might be a good idea to know who your allies are, don't you think?"

Charles last phrase was directed to the group of Harris who were standing in front of Rai.

"I ……