In The Darkness

In The Darkness



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The best assassin in the world, became the one and only demon lord. Through his journey, he killed his own parents, slaughtered his friends, and abandoned his emotions. He stands as the ruler of the demons, following what was taught to him, killing all in his way. Sitting on a pile of 12,000 murdered men, he stands unrivalled. Now to conquer the land of the humans, he plans to disguise himself as an adventurer. But as he progresses, he changes over the course of time. Will his journey in the human realm change his perspective? Will he finally conquer the throne of the humans? Find out in the novel, 'In The Darkness'.


Tags: powerfuldecisivebraveconfidentkingtragedymysteryboldmagical worldspecial ability
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A Slave Accepted

As I looked at the sobbing adventurer, something about her, mentally attracted me. As she approached closer, her long pink hair flew in the wind. Even though she was crying and her face looked slightly pale, she was still far too beautiful. If I were to compare her beauty to anything, it would be to the beautiful pale moon.

While looking a……