Healer and Wolf Spirit

Healer and Wolf Spirit


sami sami Fantasy

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Book 1 of series GODS AND WEREWOLVES
Giselle found her boyfriend and best friend together. She was an omega and healer and was not allowed to have a mate.
She ran in anger but found someone on her way. The man was the wolf spirit that got lost three hundred years ago.
No matter where Giselle will go, he would follow her, treat her like a personal servant and could not have enough of her.
Finally, she had enough.
"Leave me alone. I don't want to serve you anymore. You are the worst god the world has ever seen."
The rude god chuckled and punched her chin gently.
"But I am pretty good in bed. Want to try?"
And from then on, he made sure she won't complain about one thing.


Tags: HEage gapcurseprincedramabxgmysteryloserABOseductive
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"Did you finish everything. This place looks gloomy."

Hyun rubbed his chin while Jung glanced at his master. He wanted to tell his master that from past many years, this place felt like a ghost house because the wolf spirit would only drink or cry remembering his bride.

But now that he was the one who took responsibilit……


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