Superstar's Girlfriend for Six Months

Superstar's Girlfriend for Six Months


SansaR Romance

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He, the nation's most celebrated bachelor and a true superstar, commands love and respect from everyone. She, on the other hand, is an ordinary girl struggling with daily challenges, caring for her sickly mother. Despite their starkly contrasting backgrounds and social standings, both possess an unwavering, independent spirit, unwilling to bend to anyone's will. Yet, their worlds collide one fateful day.
Under extraordinary circumstances, they find themselves reluctantly entangled in a relationship – well, a fake one. Bound by a six-month contract, they must endure each other's stubbornness. As the months pass, they may transition from enemies to friends. However, complications arise when one of them becomes overly obsessed with the other, steering their connection into treacherous waters.
Would the other person tolerate this excessive obsession and continue this complicated, heartbreaking relationship, or would that person choose the simpler, gentler, and more nurturing love that patiently awaits them? The choices made during this wild journey will shape their destinies.


Tags: HEcursearrogantblue collardramabxgcampusenemies to lovers
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138. She collapsed.

Third-Person Point of View

"So we can do nothing about this decision?" Drake asked, rubbing his temples with his fingers.

"We tried our best. We contacted everyone we know, but they said the Senate made this decision, and now they can't change it," Kyle explained. Kyle, Jaden, and Saint had tried everything t……


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