Secrets and Silhouettes

Secrets and Silhouettes


Vivi Hale Romance

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Althea Hall, known as Ali, a dedicated student focused on her studies and uninterested in boys, except for a strategic relationship to ward off unwanted attention. Emmet Pike, on the other hand, exudes a rebellious aura, having fled his foster home at 16 with his sister Emily in tow, and now balancing two jobs to support them both. Ali, striving for academic excellence, finds herself reluctantly partnered with Emmet, known to her only as Pike, in a bid to improve her grades. As they collaborate on a science project, Ali discovers more about Emmet's hidden academic prowess and the challenges he faces outside the classroom. Will Emmet become Ali's unexpected savior in more ways than one?


Tags: stepfatherenemies to lovers
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The main course

As sensations I can't quite comprehend ripple through me, unfamiliar sounds escape my lips, a symphony of pleasure and longing. Every touch, every tender caress sets muscles I didn't know I possessed alight, coiling tightly with each tantalizing stroke, each delicate swirl of our tongues. My back arches involuntarily, a graceful curve that's not……


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