The Majarlican Demigod

The Majarlican Demigod


Ricochet Strange Fantasy

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Kingdom Majarlika is a secret world which has been the refuge of mutants and supernatural innates from the rest of the world but the secret world is about to meet it's ending as the evil demigod regain it's power. Will Ally, a good demigod be able to save her world?


Tags: familybxgmysterydeityapocalypseanother worldbetrayalfriendshipspecial abilitypassionate
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The Majarlican Demigod

Chapter 3

Episode 16: The First Absorbed Skill

The fishnet has been removed.

"Althea!" my father called me and my senses were awaken. He's carrying Zephyra on his arms like a little girl.

I searched for Talia and I see her five feet apart from my left still asleep. I get u……