The Lost Werewolf's Mate

The Lost Werewolf's Mate


Tina Cyr Paranormal

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The full moon's eerie glow illuminated the forest in a ghostly light. Tall trees, adorned with gnarled branches and covered in vines, cast deep shadows that danced and flickered along the narrow path. The air was thick with the smell of damp earth and the rustling of leaves and snapping of twigs, echoing throughout the forest. It was a night that held a mysterious energy, a feeling that something was about to happen. Perhaps it was the full moon, or perhaps it was something else, but the atmosphere was tense and charged.
A lone woman is running, away from who? Why? And where is she going? She doesn’t know. She stumbles, falls, and bumps her head.
She’s discovered by patrollers from the Moondance pack, they bring her to their dungeons as is the protocol for rogues. The alpha takes a keen interest in the woman. However, he is torn between his feelings for the woman and his longing for his true destined mate, who he still hasn’t found at 27 years.
Through intrigues and suspense, we get to discover the lone amnesiac she-wolf, the pack that took it in, and the one she was running away from. As the she-wolf starts to regain her memories, she begins to piece together her past and her true identity with the help of the Moondance pack and a Witch coven. This knowledge puts them all in danger. We learn who she is, and who she becomes.
As the alpha and the lost werewolf navigate their complicated relationship, they must also contend with internal pack conflicts and external threats that put their safety and the safety of the pack at risk. Together, they must find a way to unite the pack and protect their newfound love in a world that seems determined to tear them apart.


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Epilogue 2

Thomas paced back and forth in his office. A mix of confusion and frustration weighed down his mind. The recent events had taken a toll on him, and his behaviour had become erratic and uncharacteristic. He knew he needed guidance; no better source existed than his Alpha and Luna.

With a deep breath, Thomas gathered……


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