His Mate, His Brother’s Luna

His Mate, His Brother’s Luna


Sunshine Princess Romance

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Aliya is completely shattered and heartbroken when she walks in on her husband in bed with his mistress. While trying to get out of her misery, the last thing she expects is to feel a profound pull and attraction towards her brother in law, James.
Prince James is on top of the supernatural world, he is not only dangerously handsome but the strongest wolf alive, all the women fall at his feet but he and his wolf only desire one, his brother’s Luna .
. What is it, Sia,' I ask my wolf.

' He's with her,' Is her distant reply before going back to the back of my mind.

I hear moans before I reach the bedroom door and my eyes well with tears. My hands are trembling as I softly push the door open and tears roll down my cheeks when I see my husband, having s*x with the woman I despise more than anything in our bed. She is moaning loudly as he thrusts in her. I feel like my legs are about to give up and my heart shatters into a million pieces but I cover my mouth shut with my hand, not wanting a sob to escape my lips.

" I missed you, Antonio,"

"I did too, babe," comes my husband's reply. Tears roll down my cheeks and I hiccup.

" f**k, Aliya," Growls Antonio.

I bolt out of the room, crying.


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Thalia Pov

I left king Antonio's office satisfied that even the princess will be punished.

" Hey, b***h," A snotty voice calls me but I don't turn around. I walk to my room when I suddenly feel a sharp pain in my scalp, I quickly turn around and punch the brat in her face, unwilling to be bullied by her. Elizabeth was stunned fo……


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