Reborn in 1994: Internet Empire

Reborn in 1994: Internet Empire


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As a genius hacker, Max died of murder and reborn in over ten years ago.
With memories from the next decades, Max built up his Internet Empire from a poor student.
"Do you know the growing rate of the Internet Industry in 1994? 2300%.
This means, if you invest 1 USD correctly, you will gain 643,634,300,000 USD later, which will make you one of the richest people on this blue planet."
Follow me to see a reincarnated man building an internet empire in 1994.
I will update chapters every workday and may update more chapters when it's a festival. Each chapter will be about 1,500 words. You have my words.
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Enjoy it.


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Max gulped again from the nerves. Jules squeezed his hand assuringly. He looked at her then smiled before turning back to Andy. If there were anything he could do, it would be to stick to the truth.

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