Shades of Life

Shades of Life


rachana_rn Romance

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A girl, who had a perfect childhood and a loving family living her life to her fullest without a care of the world.

A boy, who had a brutal childhood and a dysfunctional family living his life like a robot just because he cares for his father.

When two people from two different worlds meet :

they are shocked seeing how different their lives is from one another,

they are envious of each others life,

they are curious about each other.

Will it end in a disaster or a beautiful tale ?

To find out, start reading ;-)

Meet, Akshara Vashisht a 23 year old girl who is excited to join Mehta Industries expecting to meet new colleagues and learn from such reputed company but little does she know that her perfect little life will be turned upside down by a certain CEO, who will make her life a living hell.

Meet, Varun Mehta a 27 year old guy who is living his life like a robot and working his ass off for his father's company. He doesn't have any goals for himself, there's nothing that he wants or needs. All he does is work for his father. All he needs to do is take good care of his father's company. But little does he know, a little Miss Perfect would enter his life and give him a reason to live his life. She would twist and turn his sad pathetic life and make it worth living.


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