Lady Dhampir

Lady Dhampir


Jenny Fox Romance

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Once a slave, forgotten and broken until she was brought back to her rightful place. She is a Duchess, but a hybrid one, half-vampire, half-human. The only one of her kind.
She is Milena de Crescent.

As a prospect bride, to whom will she choose to give her hand — the human prince she had always loved tenderly or a ruthless vampire who desires her so blatantly?

A fierce Competition. Wicked schemes, betrayals, love, war, and passion… She has to overcome it all in a world where her sole existence can change everything.

She was a Myth.
She is about to become a Legend.


Tags: contract marriageopposites attractpregnantbadboykickass heroineprinceheir/heiressbxgvampirefeminismDreame Love Story Contest
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Halloween 2022 Special!

They were here again. The shadows. 

The little boy silently whimpered, and hid himself further underneath the covers. He was scared, yet trying not to cry, not to scream, not to make a sound. He just cried silently, tears running down his plump cheeks, while listening. It was horrible, to be bound to listen. He wanted to cover his ears,……


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