The Crooked Silhouette

The Crooked Silhouette


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The Dimension - a world which coexists from human's imagination, faith, and beliefs. Kinds of creatures live there - The Angels, The Demons, The Spirits, and The Zodiac are some of them. Those living beings on The Earth - The Humans - who have passed away would be reincarnated as The Spirits. The Zodiacs are the stars above the sky. The Angels and The Demon are the highest rank of all creatures of The Dimension. Each of the creatures has their own Valleys, and they are forbidden to go to other Valleys. Only The Angels, and The Kings of each of the creatures are given consent to transport to other Valleys.

The Humans are supposed to be reincarnated as The Spirits until one day, one of The Spirits happened to appear in The Angels' Valley, claiming himself a crooked silhouette.


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Chapter 42: The Returning

The Zodiacs watched some of The Angels discussing with The Humans, with Yagi and Mizugame near them. Gabriel has made up his mind to send The Humans back to The Earth after all The Zodiacs have returned to their respective Valleys.


A few of The Zodiacs reconciled with The Humans before parting ways assisted by The Angels. Shis……