Reborn As A Rich Heir

Reborn As A Rich Heir


Kuineru Fantasy

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Sophia finds herself in a prestigious school and has no memory of how she got there or of her life before the arrival. She learns that she is in a school that caters to the educational development of the children of the richest people in the world, who was ranked a 'millions' and 'billions' depending in the level of wealth their parents fall under. As the daughter of the third richest family in the world, she is respected on the school grounds to the point where it could be considered as worship, and the same applies to the sons of the second and richest families in the world, who are the school's prefect and her ex, respectively. As the three are from the most powerful families in the world, they suddenly find themselves burdened by certain responsibilities when it is discovered that the 'billions' cannot leave the school grounds and are trapped there. At the same time, Sophia has to go through an internal struggle when she finds herself falling for the person who is supposedly her ex-boyfriend, and the school prefect.


Tags: goodgirlkickass heroinebillionairessheir/heiressdramabxgbisexualmysterycampusschoolStary Writing Academy III
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Chapter 63

"... have you lost your mind? I came all the way here just for you to hug me?" Nero asked, contradicting his own words but bringing his hands up to return the hug. I wanted to help clear my thoughts and figured that hugging him would help me somewhat. It did, to an extent, and I was able to think clearly.

"You chose to come along, d……


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