Yui Sakura Romance

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Richard's kiss on Emma just couldn't seem to stop. The two lovebirds continued to enjoy their intimacy in the quiet passage on the ship until they heard the sound of footsteps coming. Emma stopped Richard, who was incessantly kissing Emma's sexy lips. The man seemed to have gone too far to like this girl.

"Richard, there's someone," Emma said.

Richard was still hugging Emma. He then invited Emma to go from that place to another part. They tried to avoid running into anyone in this place. Emma smiled happily as they had to run here and there, looking for a safe place for the two of them to make love. Sometimes they kiss each other and then walk again. Until they go down the stairs to the lower class on this ship.

"Are you all right, Miss Emma?" asked Richard.

Emma suddenly stopped walking. She looked at Richard as if she didn't accept it.

"W-what?" Richard wondered why this girl was looking at him like she was angry.

"Why do you call me Miss Emma? Aren't we in a relationship? Do you just want to make our relationship something less serious?" It turned out that Emma protested because of Richard's call to her.

"Then what should I call you? You're my client. I must show you my respect."

"But you're my lover. You make me uncomfortable with the nickname 'Miss'!" Emma still didn't want Richard to call her in such a formal way.

"No, I can't. I'll still call you Miss Emma," Richard said.

"Call me Honey, or Sweety or..."

Emma Stewart's life, an unknown actress, changed when she was caught on CCTV with the famous actress Mia Claudia. Six hours before, the actress was found dead. Claudia's fans thought that Emma was the one who killed Claudia, so they began to interfere with Emma's life.

After investigating, Emma was not proven guilty. Because of this problem, her name went viral. And she became a famous artist. Even so, Claudia's fans still didn't like her and continued to annoy her until finally, the agency decided to find a bodyguard for Emma.

Richard Karl is a handsome bodyguard who will look after Emma. Quiet, cold, but very handsome and open, Emma always loses concentration when she is with him.


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At The End

Emma's father came out of the bakery. He was surprised when he saw Albert in front of his shop.

"Mr. Mountain. Are you here so early?" he greeted without knowing that the current situation was complicated.

Albert tried to read the situation. John Stewart was clueless, but Richard was in his bakery. What is this? He lo……


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