I Thrived

I Thrived


snowflakes2002 Romance

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Arazelle also known as Zelle is a badass woman. She loves breaking the heart of others. A liberated woman and a party goer.

One night, she had an encounter with this oozing hot daddy. She thinks it will just be another one night stand but the man keeps on appearing every day to be noticed by her.

Chris loves it when he's rocking Zelle's body. Will the lust turn to love?

Can Chris complete Zelle's thriving heart?

A woman who's been an outcast all her life, will become someone's treasure?

Or it will just be an another heartbreak that will broke her into tiny pieces?


Tags: billionaireone-night standage gapbadgirlCEObxglightheartedseriousoffice/work placeseductive
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Chris' Point of View

"Ano? G na? Tuyong-tuyo na lalamunan ko."

We laughed hard when we saw how Dean splashed the cold water on Blake's body. Muntik na akong mapasigaw ng gago but I didn't.

They would laugh at me when I utter a tagalog word. I can say tagalog in my mind but can't say it through my mouth.