Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds


Xanthe Renee Fantasy

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After her parents died in a plane crash, Neve was adopted by her mother’s best friend and raised within the tropical beachside Sangue Luna Pack in the Summer Realm alongside their son, Duke.
Neve’s existence was peaceful and idyllic until Jake, Duke and Samuel’s triple 18th birthday, and their first shift into wolves, when everything began to change for everyone.
Suddenly Neve was plagued by strange dreams which started her questioning whether those closest to her were keeping secrets about her origins. The more she delves into her dreams and past for answers, the more questions she has about her true identity and the fate of her future.
As her 18th birthday approaches, Neve's first shift opens the floodgates providing answers to all the questions she was searching for. This newfound knowledge is the catalyst for Neve to fulfil the destiny she was born into, a destiny everyone around her has been dedicated to help her achieve albeit some who are seemingly unaware of their roles in protecting Neve.


Tags: alphafatedprincesslunafairy/faerymysterywerewolvesmagical worldspecial abilityvirginStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Chapter 16 Melding of Minds


I was in the woods again. The familiar glow of the crystal up ahead. I was less cautious this time, moving forward quickly, anticipating seeing my parents once more. I had so many questions.

“Where is she?” Growls a menacing, unfamiliar voice.

I stop dead in my tracks as I listen to the conversation.

“I…. I am not su……