Heroes of Veritas: Bardic Inspiration (Book 2)

Heroes of Veritas: Bardic Inspiration (Book 2)


GwendolynFriend Game

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After the events of the Second Desolation, Elise finds herself struggling to cope - both with her own survivor’s guilt, and with the unwanted fame that comes with the title of Hero of Veritasia City. With new threats being posed by the invasion of the Zircyn Empire, will Elise and the Dire Beavers be able to come back together and face the challenges ahead? Read on to find out!


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Chapter Sixty-Five: Ready for War

Elise bit her bottom lip a little as she waited for the paladin to respond. She’d been sure he was left out of the targeting for the charm that she and Fifi had been pumping out into the crowd, but he looked a bit stunned. 

Finally, his face broke into a wide smile, his blue eyes sparkling as he said in his warm, gravelly voice, “Yes,……