Black Mask

Black Mask


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"Who are you. I've never seen you around here before." he asked
"who I am is for me to know and you to find out and you never saw me before because I didn't want you too."
"Are you implying that you wanted us to see you then. "
"Ding ding ding, you won the lottery." I said and knocked him out.
Vanessa, an assassin and the most ruthless one at that.
People say she has no feeling will a trip back to high school change that or not .Is her cold heart just a façade to keep people at bay.Will she fall in love or not.
Will the one of the 3 bad boys catch her attention. Will he be able to melt her cold heart.


Tags: revengekiller
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Badass to nerdass


As I was checking the details of my disguise, something caught my eye and it was..... ME in a baggy shirt saying 'nerd' just to be sure if the shirt was saying the truth or not I checked my fake report cards and I had all A's in it except 1 B in physical education, can't have people telling I cheated now do we.



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