Mr. Possessive Guardian: Please let Me Go!

Mr. Possessive Guardian: Please let Me Go!


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In home, he was her guardian,
In school, he was her professor,
In bed, he was her husband,
Her mother died, a strange man conquered her home, dispossessed her heritage, became her guardian and professor.
To her surprise, he even wanted to be her husband!
He used his possessive love and supreme power lured her heart step by step.
After she fell into his love trap, everything changed...

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Chapter 365 I Will End It Now

Doris pulled away from her hand hard and turned to leave.

Her body was instantly retrieved by him, and she hit him hard on the chest.     

Wesley held her tightly, his last icy line collapsed.

"Don't go. Don't leave me. " He said.

This man, who had just been proud and arrogant, was momentarily weak……