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Helen is an average 20year old college kid majored in history. Her extraordinary intelligence got her admission into San Francisco university and succeeded in being one of their top students. She thought everything was perfect after her two years crush Dylan Harold asked her out. Her life was perfect at that moment until her first date was ruined by student riots of her university.
Helen after that terrible accident where she was shot in the middle of the heart, her nature was triggered. Trying to know more about the changes she was undergoing ventured into a new world, different from any she’d ever known. A world where fantasies are real, a world of angels and demons, a world where great responsibilities and challenges awaits her and like every other angels, she had a soul mate. A mate she didn't think she'd ever accept despite the pull and attraction between them.

What happens after she found herself in the centre of it all? What happens when she realised she was not who she thought she was? What happens when her perfectly normal life was ruined by her identity? Would she be able to balance between her realm, the angel realm and the demons realm? Would she be able to balance her life and still live the life of a perfectly normal college kid she wants to be?
Sit tight, grab your popcorn to ride with me in this intriguing story of fantasy, thriller, suspense and romance.


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Episode 48

I don't know what was wrong with me but I knew something had changed about me, the pain was gone and I felt a whole new level of freedom, something really weird for me...suddenly nothing bothers me anymore, not my broken human life, my runaway mate or my complicated angel family. I felt really free...I stretched my neck and walked out of the r……