The Books of the Shadows

The Books of the Shadows


Ema Morganes Fantasy

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A ruthless King and A delicate Princess. The Monks as their faithfully Shields to protect their lives while everybody wants them dead. The ruthless king kills his Queen for giving birth to a female heir instead of a male. The heir is lost and the bloodline is not yet secure. The monks protect her while her father wants her dead. The Shadows's Assassins are almost extinct but yet have a last card up their sleeve to play.
What happens when the ones sworn to protect the heir are also asked to kill her?


Tags: revengedarkcontract marriagemedievalmagical worldenemies to loverssupernaturalspecial abilitydisciplinewild
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FROZEN SKY - 105 -

They lit the vigil fire, because being in the forest was not friendly. Knowing that the king and queen were still in a certain shelter, they also had to establish the order of the guards, for they would all spend the night there. Why the king had to leave the safety and comfort of the castle for a dark and cold cave, in which to consume his……


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