The Books of the Shadows

The Books of the Shadows


Ema Morganes Fantasy

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A ruthless King and A delicate Princess. The Monks as their faithfully Shields to protect their lives while everybody wants them dead. One Dark King will rise in the world of the shadows, and the signs are already here. The heir is lost and the bloodline is not yet secure. The House of Warchild gave the kings of the empire for the last 200 years and loyalty is now divided. The Shadows's Assassins are almost extinct but yet have a last card up their sleeve to play.


Tags: darkarranged marriagemedievalmagical worldenimies to loversfirst lovesupernaturalspecial abilitydisciplinewild
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Chapter 67

-I just wanted to go out, she started to say, and he did nothing but confirm in an understanding way, nodding.

He understood. He felt the same way. What else could he say? 

-Spring is coming, he said, looking into the distance. 

-Seriously? she looked too, trying to find the point where he could see that spring. It se……