The Calm Berserker

The Calm Berserker


NuMeRo Fantasy

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What would you do if your loved ones are endangered or a person that killed your friend is in front of you?

Are you going to be smart and remain calm or are you going to be emotional and release your rage?

Layon is a smart, loyal, trusting, and calm man but deep inside is a demon waiting to be released can he control it, is he going to be consumed by it, or why not become one with it?


Tags: adventurefamilysystemfriends to loverstragedybxgmysterybetrayalfriendshipweak to strong
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Chapter 14: First Combat

Layon is walking in the forest for hours that's why he decided to rest and also check out the item his master give to him, Layon took out a bag made from unknown beast skin and then check what's inside.

"Ok let's see what is the first item"

When Layon put his hand in the bag and took out the first item, what he ……