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“Don’t you dare to test my patience Elena. I am not the patient one”, Damon threatened me and I glared him hard.

“Don’t poke your nose in my business, Damon. Whatever I am doing, it’s my life. Don’t try to rule my life”, I roared at him while looking him eye to eye. If he thought that he could take control of my life that he had to wake up now.

He took a step closer to me hovering my short height of 5’6”” by his 6’1””. His deep blue eyes bored straight into my deep see green eyes.

“Your life is my business, sweetheart and soon you will be mine”, he leaned a little till my level and I could see the determination in his eyes.

“Dream on, f**kboy”, I spat and then moved back to my way. There was no way that I could fall for him again. He broke my heart once and now I was not ready to get the second heart break.

“You are only mine Elena”, he yelled from behind but I didn’t give ear to his screams and moved forward in my way.


Tags: love-trianglepossessiveplayboydominantconfidentdramatwistedbxghighschoolenemies to lovers
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