The  Witch of Storn

The Witch of Storn


HennaOfTheHalo Fantasy

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Rey was rudely thrust into an entirely different world out of nowhere. She hadn't even died yet! But some things take time, so while she tries to find a way back she has to also ensure she stays alive to see Earth again. When she finally decides to stay, things do not seem to be looking up for her. Follow Rey's journey from a simple noble girl to a legend, the legendary Witch of Storn.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationwitch/wizarddramabxgmysterymagical worldanother worldwitchcraftrebirth/rebornweak to strong70 Days Themed-writing ChallengeRebirth Fiction Writing Contest
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Chapter 18

Several hours after the horrifying ordeal that still left her shuddering whenever she thought back to it, Rey sat propped up in bed by several pillows, a heavy blanket over her lower body. She had a hot bowl of tea clasped between her hands, the strange scent wafting up to her nose in lazy spirals of steam. The first time she had taken a sip she……