The Broken Alpha And His Human Mate

The Broken Alpha And His Human Mate


Katie Haddad Fantasy

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Alpha Kash, Regarded as one of the most powerful Alphas, faces a tragic turn of events leaving him stripped of his title, his pack, and the family he once cherished. Stranded in the unforgiving woods, his chances of survival seem slim, but a glimmer of hope emerges when a compassionate human discovers him.
Venus, a determined and fearless young woman, has inherited her late mother's house in the woods and stumbles upon a seemingly injured wolf and decides to lend a helping hand. To her amazement, however, the creature undergoes a startling transformation, shapeshifting into a human being right in front of her eyes.
The intertwined hands of destiny have led these two individuals to each other, however, the hidden secrets they carry possess the ability to sever their undeniable bond.
Will Kash and Venus have the strength to face their past demons together, or will they reject the possibility of creating one of the most formidable mate bonds ever witnessed?


Tags: alphaHEfatedbxgwerewolvespackanother world
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Kash POV

5 years later

Nestled deep within a forest, a grand mansion stood tall, basking in the radiant sunlight. The vibrant hues of happiness seemed to emanate from its very core.

As I observed, a carefree little girl playing amidst the colorful landscape, her laughter echoing through the air, infusing the surr……


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