Moonlight Run

Moonlight Run


Gabmarie NewAdult

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*** COMPLETED! ***

For those who have asked — there WILL be a spin off coming by the end of 2022. For now my attention is on my second series of stories that start with Dante Incarnate. Feel free to check that one out in the meantime!


For more than sixteen years the young she-wolf Isadora has existed in her pack as little more than the Beta's stepdaughter— With her mother remarried, the only living child of the late Alpha Ivan Petrova remembers very little of life before her father was unseated as the leader of the Cuyahoga Valley Pack.

As her questionable twentieth birthday approaches, Isa has grown eager to save up her funds and get out of town before she comes of age. But lately it feels as if there is a new drama unfolding at every turn; a change in pack mating laws brings the revival of a dated practice, an unhinged Alpha and his audacious son — who may yet prove to be one of the good ones — begin to take a suspicious interest in her, and forces outside of the pack appear seeking to restore a former legacy, just to name a few.

And it's all packaged with the unmistakable feeling that Isadora has a considerable future within the pack that she never planned to be a part of…


Tags: alphadarkfatedpregnantlunadramabxgwerewolvespackpassionate
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Nikolai’s POV

While Isa took her shower, I’d sent for a pair of pajamas for her. Mina came into the room and laid them out on the bathroom counter. “Evette’s helping a few of the wounded get set up yet, but let me know when Miss Isa is done and I’ll be back around.”

I nodded and gave her a thank you as……


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