Like Cats and... Wolves? The Werepigeon Apocalypse [FREE and COMPLETED]

Like Cats and... Wolves? The Werepigeon Apocalypse [FREE and COMPLETED]


anna.svoboda Fantasy

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Ever heard of werepigeons? I guess not. You are laughing now, aren’t you? Yea, I know it sounds ridiculous. But that’s what makes them so damn dangerous. Nobody even believes they exist. Nobody knows that they are trying to take over the world. You are laughing even harder, right? But have you ever looked into the eyes of a pigeon? Scary sh*t. Even the birds are smart. Weres? Much worse.

Ever had a fresh sh*t on your car minutes after leaving that expensive car wash? Hm? I bet you did. Well, what they are planning now is worse than just an annoying stain on your windshield. But it seems like we are the only ones willing to do something about it.

And we are the absolute worst ones to be doing something about it. You know those smelly werewolves? Their precious Alphas just bark orders and everyone falls in line, wagging their tails, pissing on the carpet from excitement. Us? Much more complicated.

Take Mobo over there. He spends his days licking his balls. He can’t do that as a human, naturally, so he spends most of the time in his cat form at that perfect spot by the window, right above the heater, pleasuring himself. Great life, huh? He doesn’t give a damn about the werepigeon apocalypse and we can’t exactly order him to join the fight. Well, we can but… you know how cats ignore anything you say? Werecats? Much worse.

There aren’t many of us willing to stand up against the threat but those who do are the most ferocious fighters. Don’t believe me? Are you smiling over the idea, imagining adorable purring little kittens? Have you ever tried to bathe a cat? I guess not, otherwise you wouldn’t have that idiotic smile on your face.

Tonight, we fight. Just a last whiff of catnip *SNIFFS*... Yea! That’s the SH*T! Let’s go catch ourselves some birdies!


It’s a love story, alright? A very romantic one. Sweet and steamy. Lots of drama and action. You have this young, nerdy, absolutely adorable male Alpha werewolf, with a very quirky wolf. A hotheaded, snappy female werecat, who doesn't take sh*t from anyone. A ball of pure energy in the form of a seven-year-old kitten. A fire/water gay werewolf couple. A traumatized bear. A werecat father-figure. An evil werepigeon who is trying to take control of the world. Ugh, I’ve gone off the rails again, haven’t I? Just read the damn book.


Tags: fatedshiftermatekickass heroinesweetbxghumorouswerewolvespack
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