The Cursed Pack

The Cursed Pack


Cursed Luna Romance

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My eyes soon travelled in the direction of the sound to see Sophie laughing with tears in her beautiful grey eyes. Her eyes which with a hint of hazel makes them look like a burning sun is shining in her eyes. Her jet black hair framing her small heart shaped face. Her soft pink lips which just a moment ago were pressed together as she showed her annoyance towards Logan, how I wanted to reach out and nib on them and swallow that beautiful sound before anyone else got to hear it. My mate, my lovely sexy mate.

I wish I could hold her in my arms and caress her soft fair skin, oh how I wish I could make my mark on her right now for everyone to see that she only belongs to me. My mark on her sweet spot right under her ear. I almost lost control when I saw her walking in with her arm hooked with Oliver’s. Sometimes he gets too close to her for my liking.

If only I did not have to wait for you to recognize me as your mate, if only you were not born into the Aurora pack. For you see aurora pack is not just any average pack out there, it’s a cursed pack. A curse which has forced me to watch you from a far for the longest 2 years of my life, waiting for you to recognize me as yours, but soon I can have it all. Soon we can have it all.


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Chapter 27: Under the night sky

I think I must have stood there for at least about 15 to 20 mins without saying a word and just staring blankly at the view above of me. Remember how I said the pack house and its surroundings ‘seemed’ like a diamond sitting on a mountain. Scratch that! This is literally a diamond here, for what I was seeing in this moment in front of me ……