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Something has come to earth.
Something bad.
Something very, very, bad!
First, it created a purple hole in the sky...
Then it came hurtling down, created a crater, and protected itself from attacks!
World leaders gather in a bid to find a solution and that is when this vile force turns the world upside down... literally!
Whatever has come to earth selects the most wicked, notorious and vicious individuals around the world, changes their eyes and teeth... and lets them loose to feed on humans!
A tsunami of gigantic proportions occurs simultaenously through the seven seas of the world!
Then a violent earthquake rolls through every corner of the globe!
But that is not the end!
Suddenly, the world is crawling with deadly animals from the wild feeding on humans who are also fleeing from dead bodies that have been thrown up by the tsunami and earthquake... walking dead bodies that have fangs, and can bite and tear flesh!
Human beings have suddenly become fuel for this bad thing that has entered earth... and it will have as much fuel as it can... possibly the life of everyone!
With no hope in sight, with humanity scattered and shattered, scavenging for basic necessities, it seems the end of the world has come!
But, in a small part of the world, a strange boy is born!
He is not born from a womb, but from a tubular glass, at the age of eighteen!
A teen with no name, identified only by the four words at the base of his glass womb: The Son Of Eli...


Tags: adventurerevengepowerfulsuperherobxgkickingapocalypsesupernaturalspecial ability
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Mike tottered backwards with a grunt of disbelief, and his back came up against the side of the truck. He saw Eli pushing Ebo to one side, and as Ebo rolled, Eli simply seemed to disappear from when he was kneeling and suddenly appeared beside Jo, and then he took Nancy in his arms.

Nancy, unable to move any part of her body, looked up wi……


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