Scorned Alpha - Burgov Series IV

Scorned Alpha - Burgov Series IV


Joann Pole Paranormal Urban

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Gammas are natural born beasts. The best equipped, the best prepared and the most valuable to each pack, at least with that belief, Ellie grew up.

There wasn\'t a little girl who heard more amazing stories about heroes and heroines her bloodline came from. Growing up, she knew exactly how special she was and she knew exactly who she wanted to become in the future - her Daddy\'s successor, who would make the Harvest Moon name even more prestigious.

Surrounded by strong men, who always fought for what they wanted, and even stronger women, she wasn\'t used to settling for second best or falling in line. She had a goal, and nothing could have stopped her from becoming the best Gamma this world has ever seen.

But she wasn\'t expecting that the person who would mess with her perfect plan would be the one person who was supposed to complete her existence. Ellie always adores watching her parents, admiring their love and passion that hasn\'t waned for all those years, no matter how cringy it was at times. So when, on the night out, exactly on her eighteenth birthday, she met her mate, she knew that was it, the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle to complete her perfect life.

But when the heat of the moment turned into a cold shower, she panicked and chose herself rather than them. She buried the memories of that night, covered all the evidence it ever happened and focused on her dream.

Life went back on track, at least until the day all her dreams were supposed to become true, when the past and her scorned mate caught up to her. But that doesn\'t mean Ellie will put her gun down. That\'s not what Gammas do. Ever.


Tags: revengealphaone-night standHEopposites attractbadboydecisivebxgkickingcampuspack
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