The Cold Billionaire's Wife

The Cold Billionaire's Wife


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Callista Lim-Buenavista has been in an arranged marriage with Ice Buenavista, the guy who she loves secretly for a long time. She was the happiest woman on Earth when she got married to the love of her life, but she never thought that her married life would turn out to be her nightmare.
He's cold as ice, just like his name.
He's ruthless.
He's cruel.
And a fierce kind of a man that Callista never thought existed.
She wanted their marriage to work out as she loves him so much, but it seems like Ice Buenavista is the type of guy who doesn't believe in love. Perhaps, not anymore.
Call her a martyr and a sadist but she's willing to stay even though he\'s already hurting her, mentally and physically.
In the name of love, how far can you endure just to save your marriage?
If you are Callista Buenavista, how long can you love your cold husband? Are you willing to endure the pain hoping that someday it'll be all worth it? Or will you just choose to give up and let go?
I am Callista Lim-Buenavista and I am the cold billionaire's wife.


Tags: billionairelove-triangleHEforcedarranged marriagearrogantheir/heiressdramabxgmysterylosercampus
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Callista's Point of View

As I stood there, gazing at the cherished pictures of Ice and me adorning our home, an irrepressible smile adorned my face. Time had flown since the day Ice and I rekindled our love, and our journey together had been nothing short of remarkable.

Our once icy r……


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