The Princess And Her Cold Assassin

The Princess And Her Cold Assassin


1st Manga KING Realistic Urban

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She has lived her life with full of miseries yet she was still called a princess! She got reincarnated into a young women’s body and was forced to life a new life style in the modern era. She thought of living in peace in the new life. But... Little did she know that her life was in danger too as it was targeted by some assassins. What twist will occur when the one aiming to assassinate her finds out that she was his childhood sweetheart? Will they fall in love? Or will both of them be killed by some or the other way? Join me in this amazing adventure!


Tags: billionairereincarnation/transmigrationsensitiveheir/heiressbxgmysteryboldcampus
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The First Day


“Phew, it took me longer than expected but looks like I have finally completed everything.”

Not only did she finish memorising everything, she also finished her homework and had studied the topic of the upcoming week because the topic she was reading was making her excited.

“Done, I think I……


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