CEO's Encroachment

CEO's Encroachment


聚业 Romance

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In the hustle and bustle of the bustling city, there unfolds a tale of tangled love and hate, with its protagonists being a pair of destined entangled lovers.
In this story, there is a girl named Huai Nian. She used to be the girlfriend of the male lead, Xi Ziyue's nephew, Xi Ye. Their love was once sweet, seemingly impervious to any storms. However, fate played a cruel joke as Xi Ye cheated on her, leaving her heartbroken and forced to break up with him.
Then, a domineering yet affectionate man entered her life, he is Xi Ziyue. He is a successful CEO, and his pursuit is not through words, but through actions. He has been silently watching over Huai Nian's growth, shielding her from the storms, although she had never noticed.
Huai Nian thought her relationship with Xi Ziyue started from the moment he began pursuing her, but it was not so. Their bond had already existed; she just hadn't realized it. Slowly, she also fell in love with this domineering yet deeply affectionate man.
Xi Ziyue is a man lacking in security; he always wants to confirm Huai Nian's love for him. So, he tests her again and again, trying to find the genuine love deep within her heart. And Huai Nian, through these repeated confirmations, finds herself loving him more and more.
Their relationship develops naturally, although there are obstacles along the way, their love for each other grows stronger. In this bustling city, they embark on a moving story of love and growth.
On this journey of love, what trials will they face? Can their love withstand the test of time? Let us step into this captivating story together and explore the path to their happiness.


Tags: love-triangleHEbosssweetno-couplebrilliantcitysecretsmusclebear
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Xi Ziyue gazed at the girl before him, her demeanor betraying a hint of uncertainty. "Is there anything else?" he asked, a faint smile playing on his lips.

"No," Huai Nian shook her head.

Xi Ziyue turned to leave, and Huai Nian followed closely behind.

Making his way to the elevator, Xi Ziyue……


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