Children Of The Apocalypse: Gates Of Blood

Children Of The Apocalypse: Gates Of Blood


Anone Lionheart Game

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Trevor and Reign were getting married in secret when the world decided to end, dropping a metal beam on their heads and killing them instantly. A forbidden love that was tragically ended before it even had a chance to begin. Now two new souls from different times in 21st century earth wakes up in their bodies, with the memories and emotions of the deceased lovers. And to make matters worse they woke to a world suffering from beast tides, zombie hordes and alien invasions. The two unlikely married couple would have to navigate this new brutal world, whilst learning the intricacies of the only tool that can ensure their survival.....the system.


Tags: sexreincarnation/transmigrationsystemage gapmanipulativeapocalypseanother worlddystopianLitRPGSupreme Me Fiction Writing Contest
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Reign was from the year 2078, obviously at that time due to mainstream media, things like transmigration, reincarnation and systems were part of what she grew up entertained with. She was in another world, in another body and there’s a zombie apocalypse and a system. But she was a soldier, one of the best ever trained by the United States of Ame……