Vengeance is a sweet fruit

Vengeance is a sweet fruit


Pradeep Prajapati Romance

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“Please stop”, I screamed when she again thrust the knife into my thigh again. I was howling in pain. She laughed hard while thrusting the full length of knife inside me.

“Scream… how much you want scream”, she yelled on me and tears didn’t stop flowing out of my eyes.

“You know what….. I really your screaming voice. It’s a kind of music for my ears. Give me my pleasure sweetheart”, with this she pulled out the knife in a jerk and I screamed again in pain. She laughed again like a maniac.

“What I did wrong with you?” I asked the same question that I was asking to from don’t know how many days.

She laughed again and I looked at her wicked face in pain and hurt.

She was my sister. I loved her like my own sister though she was my step sister. I shared everything with her. Here she was, stabbing me mercilessly, and laughing on my pain.


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