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Axis wakes up in a strange room unable to even lift a finger. What's worse with that is that he had no recollection of who he is, or why he is in an unfamiliar place--- filled with humanoid robots, mysterious people in white protective suits, and an island which seem to be 'infected.' He meets Vista and Baron, two other teenagers like him who calls themselves, 'Mosses' and together they will try to uncover the hidden truth lurking in the medical facility and its staff, potentially discovering something new about their identities, and the reason why do they have abilities they could not explain its origins.


Tags: adventureapocalypsecoming of ageillnesssecretsself discoversuperpowerspecial abilitydystopiannoviceStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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These mysterious people know me. That's what Lucky said and I have no idea why they know me. Is this why they named the place Claudetown? Are they perhaps related to me? Or am I somehow connected to them? Either way, I wanted to know everything, so that I'll know if I have to worry about them or not. Lucky was now hearing a lot of things that co……