The Invisible City

The Invisible City


Cher Dayao Paranormal Urban

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Liz is a novelist and a hopeless romantic. She also happens to be a thrill-seeker and very curious about everything supernatural. She was living a high life before embracing her now geeky personality. She had no idea that she’s up for the greatest adventure that will change her life forever.

She went to an unknown location to have her new story written. Thinking that she had nothing to lose, she discovered the mystery of The Invisible City that only exists from a local urban legend in her country. She knows that the moment she stepped foot on the carriage that brought her, there’s no way to return to the real world she used to live in.

In the middle of all the mystery and impossible things that she witnessed in that place, she seems to want to see more. She just can’t get enough of Biringan City even if she’s the first person who had the chance to get back from where she belongs.

Something is stopping her, and she has to find out the reason why even if it means that she will be trapped there forever. It’s a tough choice to make since she needs to give up her life and die first before staying and being one of them.


Tags: darkindependentbravejournalistsscarybrilliantmagical worldsupernaturalintersex
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