Supreme Lord of Soulnight

Supreme Lord of Soulnight


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Liwan is a 24 years old bum who loves kwek-kwek (quail eggs coated with orange batter) who does nothing but play games all day. On his way home from his favorite kwek-kwek stand, he met and accident and died. When he woke up, he found himself transmigrated into his sixteen year-old self. Coincidentally, it was also the same time where the ever popular MMORPG Soulnight was launched.

Earlier in the game, Liwan and his friends gained popularity and established a guild. But due to the betrayal of some people he once trusted, the guild they built was wrenched out of their hands.

In the future where Liwan came from, his guild sits on top of the most popular guilds celebrated by the gaming community and sponsored by big companies. The top brass of Liwan's guild enjoys massive popularity and are well-compensated.

And finding himself back in the past, Liwan thought of re-writing his gaming history and change his future. Fate provided him a clean slate. And those people who betrayed him? They should watch out for the coming of the one true Supreme Lord of Soulnight.


Tags: reincarnation/transmigrationno-couplegame playersword-and-sorceryrebirth/rebornLitRPGMMORPGStary Writing Academy II
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