Love Between Law and Life

Love Between Law and Life


A. D. Quinn Paranormal Urban

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Florence Lowell is a 28 year old psychic with the ability to see spirits, helping provide information for quite a number of cases before she technically retired to take care of her son from a marriage that never happened.

After a visit from a ghost carrying quite valuable information, she finds herself pulled back into the world of ghosts and laws in order to solve a rather large case. 

Bobbie, a 32 year old detective from the mainland working on the case, assigns the psychic as her partner without much of a choice in the matter. Along the way, she tries to find her foundation in a world so unfamiliar to her in many ways, both in the 'beyond' and a possible love interest. 

Together they realized that it's easier to stand up supported than it is to stand up on their own. Along the way, they learn that love isn't always a bad thing.
And Florence really needed to have a talk with the Captain for having her assigned to hot people, honestly, he just wants to see her have a heart attack one of these days.


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Chapter 28: Welcome

            Florence tapped her finger restlessly on her thigh. Her back was hurting from sitting in the hospital chair for so long, but she didn’t plan on moving any time soon. Not when she was finally given the news that Bobbie could wake up any moment now. It was late, the blinds on the windows closed in hopes of……