To Be a Mage in Another World

To Be a Mage in Another World


Calanhar Fantasy

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I won't be writing here the typical summary, I have done that and I don't think it works. I will say this instead:
Yes, another Isekai story, but I have tried to make this one different. Magic have a strong presence and I have come up with many concepts of my own making, the MC is a mage which means that all things magically related would be seen through his earthling's eyes.
It also has chapters were land manegement will be strongly present, all datas displayed in the story are as accurate as possible. I have always loved medieval and renaissance affairs so i have tried to come up with a world that would use such economic systems having as its biggest "technological" impulse magic itself.
I created unique creatures with original names, most of them anyway.

I have always loved this kind of novels but unfortunately the MC is always a straight male guy with straight male guys' ambitions; as gay man myself I got bored of reading about them hence this story. In order to not leave anyone excluded, my MC won't even be involved in any relationship, this is not a romance novel. Nevertheless, in my world setting, there is no such thing as homosexuality since everyone can marry anyone regardless of sex, such thing has no distinction...

Thanks for reading this far, I hope you enjoy it, all comments are welcomed.


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